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I would highly recommend Danielle for a reading! She was amazing, had invaluable insight into the answers I was seeking, and was spot on with things I had already felt. If anyone is looking for a reading, a sense of direction or purpose, reach out to Danielle!! You will be so glad you did!!


I was chosen for a free reading and it totally made sense for me at this time. Even though I requested information regarding certain things that are typically not read, the cards came up that represents the areas I asked about and they were very accurate.


If you are finding yourself in a place of self discovery, please reach out to Danielle to help navigate through your journey. I have found that I can become clouded and when I need clarity or direction she assists me to bridge the gap. Our sessions always provide me with a better understanding and my decisions are made with peace. Danielle is specific, genuine, and compassionate. She goes above and beyond in supporting me and has become a person I fully trust.


I was chosen by Danielle to get a reading. I believe that at this time the reading was very accurate to my life. I highly recommend her services.  ~ Nicole B.

I first found Danielle on a spiritual group on FB and at the time she was giving out free readings. I was drawn to her energy watching her pull cards for everyone. She doesn't hold back, I'll tell you that!  I got on the chat and asked for a free card.... Her reading was spot on to a concern that I had in my head, she knew nothing about it. The card she pulled and the message she gave was exactly what I needed to hear. Now she's my guiding star. 


Danielle is very gifted and a blessing. She is very down to earth, loving, and supportive. To me she's like a life coach but so much better.  Her readings are accurate. I had two readings where it didn't make complete sense and a few weeks after the reading everything came into play. I was able to see it and notice it because of her, yet when I had the reading I didn't understand at the time. Sometimes she gets things that aren't set in motion yet. I'm so happy that I kept it in the back of my mind because it saved me from an outcome that I didn't want.


I just had a chakra reading and alignment  from Danielle and wow! I feel lighter and more focused. It's hard to explain but my body feels great!


Words do not do Danielle and her readings justice, but I will try. Her reading was accurate over time. What made her reading stand out to me was that you can feel the love, light, and sincerity that drives her to use her gifts to help others. The reading brought truth and clarity to my life. It is that truth that brings peace to the soul. I will definitely be a repeat customer! -Mike

I recently contacted Danielle to see if I could get a message from my Aunt. She was very gentle with me and explained the process. When it was all done I was in tears. I knew my aunt was there with her and I feel at peace now that I was able to have that experience. Thank you Danielle.


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